Coach Mitch Hancock only gave about half of his Novi Detroit Catholic Central varsity roster a day off for the CHSL wrestling championship last Friday on CC’s home court.

The other half was way more than enough talent for the Shamrocks to claim their 25th CHSL title in a row – and 26th of 27 tournaments held since the league sanctioned the sport in 1993. 

Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice won in 1994.

Catholic Central won nine of the 14 events, eight by underclassmen, leaving just five weight classes for the other seven schools in the competition.

Joseph Urso was CC’s lone senior winning the 152 weight class.

The other winners were juniors Caleb White (112), Jacob Bisdorf (135), Marc Shaeffer (140), and Logan Sanom (145); sophomores Phil Burney (125) and John Browning (171); and freshmen Josh Bisdorf (103) and Kamron Davenport (130).

Warren De La Salle had two champs: senior Jack O’Donnell (119) and sophomore Brett Stanley (160).

Detroit U-D Jesuit copped the two heaviest weight classes: senior Nathan Drewek (215) and junior Walt Baughman (285).

Senior Kendell Taylor from Madison Heights Bishop Foley won the 189 class.

Now, the attention turns to the state tournament beginning Feb. 6-7. Catholic Central will be aiming for the ultimate prize, a third straight Division 1 championship.


  1. Novi Detroit Catholic Central (DCC): 241.0
  2. Detroit U-D Jesuit (UDJ): 148.0
  3. Warren De La Salle Collegiate (DLS):141.5 
  4. Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep (OLSM): 95.0 
  5. Bloomfield Hills Brother Rice (BHBR): 78.0 
  6. Madison Heights Bishop Foley (MHBF): 66.5 
  7. Dearborn Divine Child (DDC): 26.0 
  8. Macomb Lutheran North (MLN): 11.0

MEDAL WINNERS (Medals were awarded to the first four places):

103 pounds: 1st – Joshua Bisdorf (DCC); 2nd – Nick D`Angelo (BHBR); 3rd  – Kathryn Podolan (MHBF).

112 pounds: 1st – Caleb White (DCC); 2nd – Fischer Vivian (UDJ); 3rd  – Anthony D`Angelo (BHBR).

119 pounds: 1st – Jack O`Donnell (DLS); 2nd – Joseph McKay (BHBR); 3rd – Matthew Anderson (DCC); 4th – Joey Hildreth (MHBF)

125 pounds: 1st – Philip Burney (DCC); 2nd  – Noah Bolger (MHBF); 3rd – Jack Baumgart (OLSM); 4th – River Sarsfield (UDJ)

130 pounds: 1st – Kamron Davenport (DCC); 2nd – Charlie Nelson (BHBR); 3rd  – Stephen Stapleton (UDJ); 4th  – Rocco Rydzewski (DLS).

135 pounds: 1st – Jacob Bisdorf (DCC); 2nd – Alex Drewek (UDJ); 3rd – Kyle Filby (OLSM); 4th – Jeremy Schelosky (DLS).

140 pounds: 1st – Marc Shaeffer (DCC); 2nd – Duncan Pattison (DLS); 3rd – Spenser Rykwalder (UDJ); 4th  – Mason Mylenek (OLSM).

145 pounds: 1st – Logan Sanom (DCC); 2nd – Steven Andreu (UDJ); 3rd – Mason Trask (OLSM); 4th –  Jack Salisbury (DLS).

152 pounds: 1st – Joseph Urso (DCC); 2nd – Ohannes Sarkisian (BHBR); 3rd – Reggie Ryder (DLS); 4th – Zarruh Suponkulov (OLSM).

160 pounds: 1st – Brett Stanley (DLS); 2nd – Michael Perrone (DCC); 3rd – Jonas Padilla (UDJ); 4th  –  Chase Marcath (MLN).

171 pounds: 1st – John Browning (DCC); 2nd – Anthony Orow (OLSM); 3rd –  Vincent Compton (DLS); 4th – Zack Brown (BHBR).

189 pounds: 1st  – Kendel Taylor (MHBF); 2nd – Otis Holt (UDJ); 3rd – Kenneth Ryder (DLS); 4th   –  Andrew Ross (DCC).

215 pounds: 1st – Nathan Drewek (UDJ); 2nd – Michael Young Jr. (DLS); 3rd  –Sean Field (DCC); 4th – Jacob Mansour (OLSM).

285 pounds: 1st – Walt Baughman (UDJ); 2nd – Tyler Whiteside (DDC); 3rd – Luke Bishop (MHBF); 4th – Jack Lietzow (DLS).