ROYAL OAK — Is your child’s faith seemingly on the fritz? Is the relationship your children have with Jesus and his Church cooling? Does it seem like your family’s faith is starting to crash?

It could be time for a “Reboot!”

“Reboot!” is a one-night event hosted by the National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica in Royal Oak featuring Chris Stefanick, an internationally known evangelist, author and TV host who makes a career out of touring the country and giving talks to young people about what it means to walk with Christ.

Stefanick will be speaking at Shrine, 2100 12 Mile Road in Royal Oak, on Thursday, Feb. 7, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Registration is $25.

Judy Maten, a National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica parishioner and former director of religious education at the parish, said the parish hosting Stefanick is in line with the mission of Unleash the Gospel and finding new ways to minister to the youth.

“Chris is someone who is very relatable to the youth and young adults,” Maten said. “One of the biggest heartaches I had working in the Archdiocese of Detroit's Office of Evangelization is going to many parishes and (hearing) parents and grandparents talking about children leaving the Church. And it’s painful to see parents break down in tears over this.”

Maten said Stefanick's talk is geared toward parents and children regarding what it means to recognize God’s presence in one’s life on a daily basis; preaching the Gospel in a way that is applicable in a young person’s life, shaking up how they think about their faith so they are not “bored” with Christ, his Church, and its sacraments.

“Chris really starts out with the Gospel message; we keep throwing the word kerygma out a lot now, but very few people know what that means,” Maten said. “Chris makes the message really relatable. It takes it where they are and presents the message as an expression of God’s love and mercy to them.”

Those registered for the event will receive take-home materials from the talk, including Stefanick’s books, “Joy to the World” and “I AM _________: Rewrite your Name, Reroute your Life,” along with other materials.

“It is designed for ages 12 and up, but it is for everyone,” Maten said. “It is for the entrenched who think they have it all together, but the minute life hits them in the face, they need something to fall back on. It is for the people who have left the Church, are angry at the Church, angry with God, or are just angry.”

Maten said “Reboot!” is meant to be an experience through which someone who is exploring the Church or has been disconnected can come and experience a setting not as formal as Mass, but a shallow entry point for rediscovering one's relationship with God. 

“Mass is the opportunity to praise and give glory to God, but if you don’t have a relationship with God, that can seem rather foolish,” Maten said. “This is for families who are concerned that a family member has left the Church. This is a chance to invite them to hear God’s message of love and mercy.”